Instant zen - anywhere, anytime
(even next to that teen blasting techno on the Tube) 

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Ever wish you could plug in and bliss out when life gets hectic?
Want the perfect 10-minute remedy for every stressful situation?
Been meaning to meditate, but seriously short on time?
Now, you can.

Meditate with Maddy helps you find stillness in the fray and do meditation your way.

10 everyday situations
10 calming meditations
10 minutes long
Under £10

Whether you’re heading to work, seeking a pre-date confidence boost (you look amazing!), or a serene insomnia cure, these meditations are designed for everyday zen.


10-minute mindfulness exercises for

A peaceful commute
Calming anxiety
Cultivating body love
Boosting confidence
Melting into relaxation
Restful sleep
Instant energy
Powerful manifestation
Alleviating stress
Positivity bump


Wherever you are, however you’re feeling, 10 restorative minutes are right in the palm of your hand. 


Why meditate?

If meditation brings to mind dimly lit rooms, billowing incense, monks in flowing white robes (with beards to match) and breathy new-age voices, think again.

Meditation has become increasingly mainstream as the world wakes up to its benefits - applauded by celebrities and scientists alike.

✔ Improves focus and attention
✔ Decreases stress
✔ Calms anxiety
✔ Improves immune function
✔ Reduces inflammation
✔ Enhances wellbeing
✔ Relieves pain
✔ Fosters positive relationships
✔ Inspires creativity
✔ Improves memory and cognition
✔ Helps regulate emotion
✔ Increases empathy




How does meditation work?

The ‘magic’ of meditation is due to real effects inside the body, including changes to the brain, reduced stress hormones, a positive influence on the nervous system and emotional regulation.

I’ve been a fan for years, cultivating a daily mindfulness habit (coupled with my yoga teaching + practice) that has changed my life in unexpected and profound ways. (Read my story below.)

Making meditation accessible for everyone, however busy or skeptical, became my personal mission. That’s why I’m thrilled to be sharing the end result - Meditate with Maddy - with you today.


My meditation story

I’ve always been a big worrier. Stressing about the future, life decisions, relationships, work, family and the little things (that seem so dramatic at 1am!), kept me awake for as long as I can remember.

Insomnia and fatigue only made matters worse, and overwhelm would surface out of nowhere.

But once I committed to daily meditation, everything began to change for the better. 

It connected me to the present moment, anchoring me in the now to ease anxiety and future-tripping; infusing my life with gratitude and appreciation.

Tending to the health of my mind was the missing piece of the wellbeing puzzle!

My sleep improved, my attention sharpened… even personal relationships, hunger pangs and happiness changed… for the better.

In as little as 10 minutes per day, I found the simple, silent antidote to a lifetime of being ‘that worried person’.


made for you

After asking all of you about your meditation must-haves, I created an on-the-go series that was:

Relevant to real life
Available anywhere, anytime
Super affordable
Made with love help you do meditation, your way.

(I don’t know about you, but I’m levitating already!)

I hope you love it.


Ready to plug in? to get instant access to the entire series for only £9.99.

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Can’t wait for you to feel the same benefits I have! And, as always, I’m excited to hear how you go. 

Talk to me via email, or share your mindful moments using the hashtag #meditatewithmadeleine

In stress-free serenity, 

Madeleine xx